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Banjo Camp

This post goes out to Jake Hachey who is headed out for a weekend banjo camp today! So here is some banjo greats! Enjoy!


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Kye Kye

Looking forward to this show at Creation Fest next week.




The Format

Before they were fun. they were The Format


The first time I ever blogged I was just graduating high school. Now 7 years later life has totally changed for me and I still really enjoy writing! I have been spending more time with  now but I would like to try and use this ol blog again. For starters I want to continue to go through great music you need to be listening to. So lets start with some rap


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Mike Tompkins

This is pretty awesome



New Flight of the Conchords

This is great stuff! Hands down my favorite musical TV show.


-benjamin jepsen

Now your just a cover that I used to know

I know its been years since I posted but I promise to get back into full swing come the fall! For now enjoy this crazy video!


-benjamin jepsen

I like turtles


Who doesnt?



Josh Garrels

Gotta love music



Zach Gobbett-On a Mission

Check out this video about what my friend Zach Gobbett has been up to and how he is doing important Kingdom work!