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Kony 2012 Part 2

And it continues. Check it out.



Ben and Shayna’s wedding

Also another blog I write on talking about everything you need to know about me and Shayna’s wedding!

-benjamin jepsen

The Expositors

Hey everyone! Come check out another blog I write on called “The Expositors” its a great place to join in on the conversation of life, faith, and God!

-benjamin jepsen

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Preparing for a wedding, the grooms perspective

Preparing for a wedding should be one of the most enjoyable things ever! There should be no stress and it should be like riding a unicorn with wings over a rainbow that leads to gold! But that’s not always how it is! Sometimes it can be stressful! Sometimes I ask these questions, “Where are we going to come up with the money for this?” “How are we going to entertain our family and friends and accommodate them while they are here?” “Are people going to hate me from Ontario because they have to come to B.C.?” and “Will Shayna feel like this is the best day of her life and feel like the most loved girl in the world?”

As the groom I want to do everything I can to make sure this day is absolutely the best for Shayna! Now she isn’t demanding at all in fact shes super laid back, but I have seen way too many movies and know that this day is super important and needs to be a gooder! 😉 So I want to do everything that is possible to make sure that happens. Which can be tricky when you can’t find that pot o gold to pay for everything haha!

The nice thing is I know God has brought us together, our story is a testament of that. I know he is in this relationship and is invested which is all that matters. I know Shayna is the girl for me and she is super awesome and I am supper happy when I’m with her and I my hands get sweaty and my cheeks go numb when I’m with her.

Being the groom when Shayna is your bride is the best thing ever. I don’t have to worry, stress, or freak out about anything because on June 9th 2012 I’ll be married to Shayna Martin and that’s all that REALLY matters. Now don’t get me wrong I’m still going to work very hard to make sure the day is the best for Shayna, because when you find what I have found, when the good LORD blesses you so richly you make darn sure you don’t lose her and you do everything for her.

Being the groom, preparing for this wedding is the best. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else doing anything else. Shayna I cannot wait to marry you and I am very excited for our life together! So stoked we get to plan this wedding together! I love you!

-benjamin jepsen


Happy Birthday

I always enjoy looking back and keeping track as best as I can of my memories and experiences. That’s why I enjoy this blog so much!

Yesterday I turned 24 and God has blessed me with an amazing year! While I was 23 God did some amazing work in my life! I finished my four year degree at Briercrest, I worked maintenance at a camp on the island with some of my closest friends in the world, I got engaged, I started a new full time job in youth ministry, and I moved into my own place.

The craziest part of this super amazing year is that 24 is looking like its going to be even better because I am GETTING MARRIED! Ha June 9th is the day where I get to be with Shayna in marriage…I can’t believe it! I can’t wait!

I’ve been truly blessed with so much. I hope I can continue to do the LORD’s work and that he will continue to bless me!

And now a funny video!

wouldn’t it be crazy if I found out this year that I was adopted? Ha……

-benjamin jepsen

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A thought for the day

Isaiah 53:6 All we like sheep have gone astray;
we have turned—every one—to his own way;
and the LORD has laid on him
the iniquity of us all.

The need for God is great. There is no one who is alive or who has ever lived that does not need God. We have all failed so to speak. This is something that we do not like to focus on. I feel a lot of the time we are quick to speak of how great we are, how talented we are, and how independent we are. In order for us to have a proper understanding of God we need to understand how desperate we are for God and how frail we truly are. We have ALL gone astray, EVERYONE!

You need God.

The best part is that God wants you!

How amazing is that?

-benjamin jepsen

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A Year of Memories

Well It’s been a year since I started this new blog and six years since I started blogging altogether!

What has been gained in a year of this blog? Well I really have no idea. For myself it gives me a great opportunity to exercise a hobby of mine. For others I suppose it helps people keep up with me and my life which isn’t all that fascinating to read about really ha! I suppose I would hope that through some posts it brings people encouragement and maybe even hope through the work of God.

I have to say that once again I am looking forward to the new year! I’ll be starting the new year with my lovely fiance Shayna in Ontario visiting her family and friends who are all super great! And then from there we will be looking ahead to our wedding. Yes I think 2012 will be unlike any year I have experienced and will be one of the best years of my life! I can’t wait.

If your one of the few people who read this blog thanks for checking it out from time to time. It’s great to see on my site stats that I get about 10 people a day checking out the blog! ha! Have a great end of 2011! 😉 Looking forward to writing here for another year!

-benjamin jepsen

Merry Christmas

Jesus Christ is born. This is the most important truth you will ever choose to accept or reject.

-Benjamin Jepsen, saved by Christ

Merry Christmas!


A word about life

For unto us a child is born. We celebrate the life of Jesus tomorrow! I cannot wait to see him in heaven one day!

-benjamin jepsen


A word about death

I know it seems wrong to be talking about death around Christmas but I thought it would be good while it’s still fresh in my mind!

This week there was a celebration service at the church I work at for a man by the name of Jacob Bekker. As I sat and listened to the words that were spoken of this man of God I realized once again that life is short and fleeting. You will almost never hear anything bad about a man at a funeral and that’s fine, what struck me at this service was what was said about this man before he died.

I believe that is where the real test is. What do people say about you before you die!? I didn’t know Jake super well but before he was even close to death you would hear people say things about his peace, patience, work in the community, and his love for God. Wow. What a great list of attributes!

Often when I talk to people I hear them say things about people in way that lifts them up with a bit of negativity thrown in. “he is a great guy but…” is something I hear almost all the time when I am having a conversation about an individual.

What would it look like if we lived lives that gives no opportunity for people to add that “but…” I believe Jake was one of those men.

I would strive to follow Jakes example and impact the community I am apart of while I’m alive so that the ripples of my life are still seen when I die. This is what Jake has done and he has set the bar for the rest of us.

Live life so that you make an impact now. Enjoy life now. Don’t give people a reason to speak poorly of you. And when you leave this world your impact will have return for future generations.

-bejamin jepsen