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Books Part 4

The best reading is the reading that is not required of me. Here is the list of books I am currently reading and will carry on into the summer months!

1.This Momentary Marriage-John Piper

Now before you get any ideas, I started reading this last summer! It’s taken me awhile but is totally changing the way I look at marriage.

2. Desiring God-John Piper

One of Piper’s greatest books! I’m loving this read and hope to finish it this summer!

3.The War of Art-Steven Pressfield

This book is great if you have ever tried to do anything with your life, like lose weight or write a book. It kicks you in the butt and tells you why you haven’t done those things yet and how you can! I love it! It’s by the guy who wrote the legend of beggar vance.

4. Traveling Mercies-Anne Lamott

This book is a brutally honest look into Anne Lamott’s life. It has a Don Miller style which I really enjoy and talks on faith through a narrative style!

5. On Writing: A memoir of the Craft-Stephen King

I don’t like any of Stephen Kings books except Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile however when you sell over 350 million copies then you must be doing something right. The book is a bit over the top but very interesting!

6. Bonhoeffer-Eric Mertaxas

Ryley Heppner suggested this book to me and I got it with points at the book store here at school. I have only just started reading it but I am really enjoying it.

-bent 😉


Books Part 3

The List goes on!

11. A Resilient Life-Gordon Macdonald

This was a pretty good book! I read it for my Families in Crisis class!

12. Turning Points-Mark Noll

This was one of two books I had to read for History of Christianity two. Noll stated the turning points throughout history which formed Christianity we see today. It wasn’t bad if you like history.

13. The Story of Christianity-Justo L. Gonzalez

This was more of textbook, I can’t say I am a big fan of reading textbooks!

14. The Wonder of Worship-Keith Drury

This book broke down the different aspects of worship and a brief history of worship in the church…it was alright.

15. Evangelical is not Enough-Thomas Howard

A breakdown of worship and liturgy. I’m starting to get bored writing about all these books! Im kinda glad I am at the end of 4 years!

16. Reaching Out Without Dumbing Down-Marva Dawn

Worship and evangelism. I felt she relied heavily on stats which in my opinion isn’t enough to write a whole argument on!

17. Engaging With God-David Peterson

I actually enjoyed this one. Very simple and helpful when it comes to Biblical worship

18. Beyond Worship Wars-Thomas Long

Those worship wars I tell ya!

19. Worship Evangelism-Sally Morgenthaler

This one wasn’t bad either, but by this time i was sick of reading about worship!

Well that concludes all the books I read for school in my final year here at Briercrest! And now I have only one exam on Friday to go and I am finished!

-bent 😉

Books Part 2

To continue my list of books I have read this year I give you part 2!

6. Prayer-Richard Foster

This was a great introduction book into different forms of prayer! Foster gives wisdom and experience to create a great book on the subject! This was one of three books I read for my 400 level class on prayer!

7. A Testament of Devotion-Thomas R. kelly

An honest look at life and prayer from a great man. I would read this again for sure. Book two of three for my prayer class

8. Prayer-Hans Urs Von Balthasar

the hardest book I have ever read on the subject of prayer. Luckily I was guided by the wisdom of Cal MacFarlane on the subject! Book three of three for my prayer class!

9. Development in Adulthood-Barbara Lemme

I took a class on adult development with 11 other students! It was a very enjoyable class and though I didn’t read the whole text book it was informative!

10. Family Stress Management-Pauline Boss

A book on family stress for my “Families in Crisis” class. the class has been great and now I know how my family works a bit better, we are all crazy!

-bent 😉

Books Part 1

I love books, I love reading, I love getting caught up in a story, and I love learning about new ideas and thoughts. This school year is coming to a close and I wanted to see just how much I had to read in my final year of Briercrest College. Here is part one of that list.

1. A Survey of the Old Testament-Andrew E. Hill & John H. Walton

I Didn’t read this whole text book but a good chunk of it. It was helpful if you like the Old Testament.

2. Changing the World through Effective Youth Ministry-Ken Moser

This was one of three books I had to read for my “Jr. High Youth Ministry” class. Still not sure what i think of the prof assigning his own books, on the other hand no one else is saying what Moser is so I can see his point.

3. Creative Christian Ideas For Youth Groups-Ken Moser

See above comments.

4. Youth Evangelism-Ken Moser

See above and above.

5. Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life

This was a book I had to read for my class “Advance Studies in Christian World Views.” This was quite possibly the greatest and hardest class i had to take of my 4 years and 41 classes. I enjoyed this book and will likely re read it one day!

-bent 😉