The Life of Dalton Part 1


Back in 2008 I went to Briercrest with 2 close friends, Jason Hayashi and Dalton Erixon. While there I posted a series about our good Friend Dalton because he is the most interesting man I have ever met. Dalton is one of the kindest guys I know and is a very honest man. What you see is exactly what you get with this guy. So back by popular demand I present to you again “The Life of Dalton”

So we have now been here for 3 weeks and we are getting established! We arrived at Briercrest and Dalton was stoked since he was sure that he got first pick on the bed alas there was only one bed left and he was mad! haha I love it when Dalton gets mad I find it hilarious! So Dalton got his act together cooled off and then met his room mate Andrew Yee. Andrew offered us all beef jerky which was awesome and Dalton was stoked!!!! i love it when dalton is stoked i find it hilarious. Dalton dubbed (or maybe Jason) Andrew Yee as Yeehaw and we now refer to him as Yeehaw! I then encouraged dalton to meet new people and he had no problem with that…so long as these new people were guys! im pretty sure dalton actually hasnt met one girl here yet though he has claimed that he has and that he thinks some girl is cute yet no matter where we are in the school he can never point her out and im talking in the chapel where the whole student body is or in the cafeteria is where she has to eat since she is a freshmen. that being said we have concluded that Dalton has been making up some girl and that he has actually yet to meet a real girl.

dalton has tried out for the college hockey team which was a noble step but found that after the first try out after the goalie started skating faster then him that he was not cut out for briercrest hockey! good try anyway chief. last week a bunch of us guys took a night trip to mcDonalds for some late night burgers and dalton usually sits in the front with me therefore i hand him the food and drinks. after i do so i go to park we all get out to eat and all we hear is NO NO NO NO AHHHHHH! from within the escape. we rush over and he has single handily dropped 3 drinks and his cell phone as he continues to flail about in the car! we are all dying of laughter and get him out as he is soaked of pop (and dont worry mom and dad it was taken care of and its all good). needless to say dalton is no longer to hold the drinks and if ever in my car has to use a bottle so it doesnt get everywhere since he cant handle drinking pop without spilling! haha what a guy!

well on top of all this dalton has also changed his courses about 8 times now and i think has been enrolled in every class briercrest has to offer including ones hes not even eligible to take yet! but he has finally made up his mind and its been going good for him, including his piano skills!!! so far though my favorite Dalton experience has to be watching him play the game “things in a box” where people write down answers to questions throw them in a box and guess who wrote what, for the life of me i dont remember what the question was but daltons answer was “I want love (you) sexy” he wrote you after and put an arrow above it cause he forgot to put in you but he forgot to as well the whole thing was weird and hilarious and we made fun of him all the time hahahaha ah man its good to have Dalton here never a dull moment. anyway stay tuned for next months “The Life Of Dalton”


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