Pro Kony 2012

Something worth watching.

Also check out this article here

-benjamin jepsen

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9 thoughts on “Pro Kony 2012

  1. M Newton says:

    It’s a bit of stretch to call Invisible Children a “ministry”… most ministries don’t partner with militia organizations known for raping and pillaging villages.

  2. Ben Jepsen says:

    Fair enough Matt, can we call it an organization?

    Secondly the article that Joe posted is interesting and I would say this in response to it and your comments thus far.

    If in fact this is something we should not support then where is the line? I guarantee as you sit reading this comment you are wearing something or own something that was made by someone who was abused and paid next to nothing to make, no one is unaware of these facts anymore.

    We know Wal Mart is sketchy at best in terms of their products that they sell and how they were made. So where is the line? If you can’t or wont support invisible children do you as well not support organizations like Wal-Mart?

    I agree with the article in terms of the idea of making sure you know what your supporting and don’t just support something blindly. Educate yourself! Which means reading more than one article and watching more than one video by the way!

  3. I think the biggest thing is that people need to do a better job of educating themselves. It is frustrating to see people jumping on a bandwagon (in this case a very noble one) just because it is trendy at that moment. That is where I get disillusioned, it is important to make well informed decisions. It seems like Christians love to jump on to a video or article, pump it up for a week or two then move on, how many people are talking about the “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” video anymore?

    But on the flip side it’s hard to get too down on anything that raises awareness and motivates people to do something about a low life like Joseph Kony. I think Luther said something along the lines of “The true Christian, the regenerate man, is at once a saint and a sinner” maybe this video and movement falls in there?

  4. Ben Jepsen says:

    Great comment Joe, I agree. Right away I think of Rob Bell’s “Love Wins” if I have to hear one more comment about how awful the book is from someone who has never read it I may lose my mind!

    Ha ya this is a tough one that is worth further research for sure! I have seen almost all of the videos by Invisible Children and have talked to some of their staff at different events and I am pretty encouraged by their work as I am of a lot of different organizations! However unfortunately they may not all be doing good. Gotta do research! So important!

  5. Justin Jepsen says:

    This is the response to Joe’s earlier post (and other critic’s) from Invisible Children. also interesting to read.

    • ryleyhep says:

      I think charity is the better label. From my understanding they don’t make any claims to be a “Christian” organization. They are a humanitarian effort, and as much criticism there is now, with everyone looking at their tax information and everything (which as a NPO they make completely available to everyone, so its not like any hiding is going on), I think they are making an effort to end a terrible situation which is more then most people can say. Perhaps this will be a good wake up call for them to reconsider some of the ways in which they are failing and maybe it cause them to tighten up their organization and rethink their methods. But in the end, its hard to make an organization like this the enemy.

      You make very good point Joe about the social media fads, this will be forgotten in a month, which is too bad. Though maybe they are aware of that and maybe having a 2 week fad will bring in lots of donations at least get some awareness out. And next week whens it over, they will continue doing what they do and hopefully the social media population will be a little less uninformed.

  6. Ben Jepsen says:

    Heres to hoping! Would be kinda cool to put posters up around GF for awareness, think this is something we should support? April 20!

  7. ryleyhep says:

    I think thad be legit man. I think the idea should be (hopefully) not make invisible children famous, but making people of aware of the what Kony and his boys are doing and and the lives of the night walkers and stuff, and hopefully that would lead to more action, whether it be supporting NPO’s or lobbying governments/UN. Though social media is probably a more effective effort then paper on poles, no?

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