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Must have done something go-go!

Check out this mash up! Great stuff! Click HERE!

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Holy Rollers

I really need to get on this team!

-benjamin jepsen


Nothing to post today

Nope nothing at all

-benjamin jepsen

More Kony 2012 Talk

Ok so this has exploded over the internet. I offer this advice on the blog. 1. Watch the video 2. Read at LEAST 2 articles that are for this movement 3. Read at LEAST 2 articles that are against this movement. 4. Share your opinions with friends and the people around you!

Here are some links to some sites you can read that may be helpful to forming an opinion on the matter,

Sean Davidson’s thoughts. One of my profs from Briercrest here

War Child here

Huff post here

Invisible Children here

-benjamin jepsen


Kony 2012

Can he be stopped? Should we support this action? Click here for the site and check out the articles and video on my previous posts.

-benjamin jepsen

Anti KONY 2012

Heres an interesting article on KONY 2012 check it out!

We Got Trouble

-benjamin jepsen

Pro Kony 2012

Something worth watching.

Also check out this article here

-benjamin jepsen

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