Preparing for a wedding, the grooms perspective

Preparing for a wedding should be one of the most enjoyable things ever! There should be no stress and it should be like riding a unicorn with wings over a rainbow that leads to gold! But that’s not always how it is! Sometimes it can be stressful! Sometimes I ask these questions, “Where are we going to come up with the money for this?” “How are we going to entertain our family and friends and accommodate them while they are here?” “Are people going to hate me from Ontario because they have to come to B.C.?” and “Will Shayna feel like this is the best day of her life and feel like the most loved girl in the world?”

As the groom I want to do everything I can to make sure this day is absolutely the best for Shayna! Now she isn’t demanding at all in fact shes super laid back, but I have seen way too many movies and know that this day is super important and needs to be a gooder! 😉 So I want to do everything that is possible to make sure that happens. Which can be tricky when you can’t find that pot o gold to pay for everything haha!

The nice thing is I know God has brought us together, our story is a testament of that. I know he is in this relationship and is invested which is all that matters. I know Shayna is the girl for me and she is super awesome and I am supper happy when I’m with her and I my hands get sweaty and my cheeks go numb when I’m with her.

Being the groom when Shayna is your bride is the best thing ever. I don’t have to worry, stress, or freak out about anything because on June 9th 2012 I’ll be married to Shayna Martin and that’s all that REALLY matters. Now don’t get me wrong I’m still going to work very hard to make sure the day is the best for Shayna, because when you find what I have found, when the good LORD blesses you so richly you make darn sure you don’t lose her and you do everything for her.

Being the groom, preparing for this wedding is the best. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else doing anything else. Shayna I cannot wait to marry you and I am very excited for our life together! So stoked we get to plan this wedding together! I love you!

-benjamin jepsen


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