Happy Birthday

I always enjoy looking back and keeping track as best as I can of my memories and experiences. That’s why I enjoy this blog so much!

Yesterday I turned 24 and God has blessed me with an amazing year! While I was 23 God did some amazing work in my life! I finished my four year degree at Briercrest, I worked maintenance at a camp on the island with some of my closest friends in the world, I got engaged, I started a new full time job in youth ministry, and I moved into my own place.

The craziest part of this super amazing year is that 24 is looking like its going to be even better because I am GETTING MARRIED! Ha June 9th is the day where I get to be with Shayna in marriage…I can’t believe it! I can’t wait!

I’ve been truly blessed with so much. I hope I can continue to do the LORD’s work and that he will continue to bless me!

And now a funny video!

wouldn’t it be crazy if I found out this year that I was adopted? Ha……

-benjamin jepsen

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. You look too much like your parents for that to ring true. So ha……

  2. And speaking of memories. One of your recently posted pictures reminded me of how you looked when you were about three, maybe not quite. It was in your eyes. And you thought you had grown up. LOL. The time I remembered was we were chasing each other around your grandparents house in Bridgenorth, just north of Peterborough and you were giggling to beat the band. I thought you were never going to wear out. Good times!

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