A word about death

I know it seems wrong to be talking about death around Christmas but I thought it would be good while it’s still fresh in my mind!

This week there was a celebration service at the church I work at for a man by the name of Jacob Bekker. As I sat and listened to the words that were spoken of this man of God I realized once again that life is short and fleeting. You will almost never hear anything bad about a man at a funeral and that’s fine, what struck me at this service was what was said about this man before he died.

I believe that is where the real test is. What do people say about you before you die!? I didn’t know Jake super well but before he was even close to death you would hear people say things about his peace, patience, work in the community, and his love for God. Wow. What a great list of attributes!

Often when I talk to people I hear them say things about people in way that lifts them up with a bit of negativity thrown in. “he is a great guy but…” is something I hear almost all the time when I am having a conversation about an individual.

What would it look like if we lived lives that gives no opportunity for people to add that “but…” I believe Jake was one of those men.

I would strive to follow Jakes example and impact the community I am apart of while I’m alive so that the ripples of my life are still seen when I die. This is what Jake has done and he has set the bar for the rest of us.

Live life so that you make an impact now. Enjoy life now. Don’t give people a reason to speak poorly of you. And when you leave this world your impact will have return for future generations.

-bejamin jepsen


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