Seven Christmas Albums You Should Own

Here are some Christmas albums in no particular order that you should be listening to this holiday season! These are just a few of the many great ones out there, but if your looking for a few new albums to add to your collection then you wont go wrong with any of these! Enjoy!

Jars of Clay-Christmas Songs

This is likely my favorite Christmas album ever. It is so well done and is the perfect fun/christmas fire music! If it’s snowing out and you have friends over throw this baby on!

She and Him-A Very She and Him Christmas

After all these years after the movie “Elf” Zooey is finally back with some Christmas tunes! With the musical talent of M. Ward you can’t go wrong! My favorite song is “Baby it’s Cold Outside” except this time Zooey is trying to keep the guy from leaving her home! haha its great!

Sufjan Stevens-Song for Christmas

This is a great collection (and a big collection) of hymns, Christmas songs, and original Christmas songs by one of the weirdest and most unique artists out there! If you enjoy some acoustic guitar, banjo, weird flutes, and funny songs then this collection is for you!

Relient k-Let it Snow Baby, Let it Reindeer

One of my all time favorite bands, takes the cake for funniest Christmas album. They have more of a punk rock feel and most of the songs are more fun and heavier then most Christmas albums. However the best song is “I celebrate the day” which centers on Christ’s birth and is on the slower end of the album!

Sleeping at Last-Christmas Collection

Sticking to their style Sleeping at Last gives a beautiful collection of mellow Christmas songs. Not many people have heard of these guys but this album is a great mellow Christmas collection! Best part is its free if you head to QUICK!

Lowana Wallace-Hymns and Carols

I got to see the this album live at Briercrest the day it came out! Lowana lived in Caronport the same time as me and this is one of the greatest Christmas cd’s ever! She includes some great hymns and Andy Shauf makes a few appearances as well!

Shawn Colvin-Holiday Songs and Lullabies

Another mellow collection of Christmas songs. A great album to fall asleep to!

-benjamin jepsen

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