After Today-A Goofy Movie

This was one of my all time favorite movies when I was a kid however something I discussed with my good friend Joe is it can be really dangerous to go back and watch these movies when your older so for now I’ll just remember it being an oscar nominated classic! (it wasnt). My buddy Brady told me about this video so I had to check it out! Apparently the guy made it in an audition for a job with Disney, it’s pretty cool! The movie came out in 1995 so I was 7. ha!

-benjamin jepsen


One thought on “After Today-A Goofy Movie

  1. Ben Jepsen says:

    My favorite part is his face at the very end! HA! And yes I am leaving a comment on my own blog which is super cliche and lame, but I need someone to talk to me…

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