A Desire to be More Creative

Deep down I have desires to invest in creativity. I believe that we were made by a God who is creative (proof is from creation itself) and that a natural expression rises from us to be creative as well and to use our gifts to glorify God and to create! There are certain things that we are apart of that allow us to have a real sense of joy and passion. We have all experienced this. We do this one thing and we just get excited and love it! Sometimes this should be something we pursue to do because God made us in way to live fully in these things, and sometimes these things should simply be a hobby. Either way we need to all invest in things that bring us great joy and allow us to create and be creative!

For me doing youth ministry brings me great joy. Studying God’s word and trying to gain understanding and more knowledge drives me! In many ways I have found my sweet spot and I love it! Yet there is something more I want to find time to do, something more I want to invest in! I suppose this would be more of a hobby but I want to jump in and do it! Here are a few things that I dream about and want to be apart of!

1. Photography

I’ve always wanted to get a real nice camera and learn how to use it well and document my life in this way! I find photography fascinating and a lot of fun!

2. Music

I am really good at listening to music…thats about it. I enjoy playing the little I can but overall it would be fun to learn guitar or some instrument and be half way good at it and jam with friends!

3. T-Shirt design

This is something that I actually plan to start fairly soon! My friend has all the equipment and space for this, all we need to do is set it up and go for it! I am really looking forward to this!

4. Carpentry

My dad is a fairly skilled carpenter and I would like to learn from him so I can build things for myself and others! This is something that is also in the works right now and I am currently inheriting my dad’s tools and he will teach me and we can hopefully start making a little bit of money doing this!

These are just a few thoughts of what I want to do in the future. I wish I had more time for certain hobbies and interests, I just can’t seem to fit it in! Maybe one day I will be able to indulge a bit into these activities!

-benjamin jepsen


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