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Matt Chandler on dating/relationships

This of course is only two small video clips of a bigger picture of Matt Chandler’s view on dating, but I would say very good clips. Ryley introduced me to this guy and he is now my favorite preacher. You can get his stuff on iTunes podcast! Worth your time to check out for sure! Enjoy!

-benjamin jepsen


Aaron Gillespie-I Will Worship You

Perhaps one of the coolest stories in the Christian music industry is the story of Aaron Gillespie leaving the band UnderOath! I had the privilege of seeing him live as he played guitar and drums at the same time going hard for God! One of the coolest concerts I have ever seen! His music is very authentic and is worth looking into! Enjoy!

-benjamin jepsen

Brett Dennen-Comeback Kid

Ryley introduced me to this cat! Its a pretty awesome song and he may be the most awkward looking dude ever but I’d likely hang out with him! Enjoy!

-benjamin jepsen

The December Youth Calendar!

Here is what we will be up to this December!


Hey everyone! This Saturday night from 5-7 there will be a borscht supper held at the Grand Forks Gospel Chapel (where I work). It will be $5 and the money goes towards the Christmas Hamper program which helps families get food and clothing for the winter (info below on video). Please come out and support this ministry!

-benjamin jepsen

Briercrest Year One

Reflection is so crucial. It helps us see a greater picture of where we have come from, what we have learned, and most importantly what God has been up to in our lives.

When thinking back to my time at Briercrest college I am filled with joy! I would never trade anything for the people I met, the memories I made, and all that I learned over my four years. The quality of that community and being taught by some of the most brilliant minds in terms of God’s word was such an amazing blessing!

My first year was 2007/2008. I remember pulling into Lewis Apartments, setting up my room, and consoling my sobbing mother as she left her first born in the booming metropolis of Caronport. I recall sitting in my room thinking to myself, “what on earth am I doing?” I didn’t know a single soul on campus and I had never been away from home for more than a couple of weeks! However within a couple of days I met my quad mates and good friends to this day Nathan Robertson and Jon Lampard. I knew God was at work since we not only became very close as a quad but we shared the reality of being hopeless Canucks fans! This of course brought us together instantly!

God continued his work as Jon Lampard introduced me to both Melissa Leismeister and Shayna Martin. I recall Mel constantly telling me that she liked me and wanted to be my friend! I always told her that I would love to be her friend! The four of us quickly became close and I spent the majority of my time with these three amazing people! I thought Shayna was quite possibly the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on and quite possibly the greatest thing ever! But lil’ freshmen Ben was not brave enough to do a thing about it!

Within that first week of school I also met my good friend Brady VanLeenen! Brady lived down the hall from me and lived with Joshua St. Pierre (coolest room in the whole dorm)  and on one of the first days in the dorm I decided to go visit. I saw that Brady had a picture of a girl on his wall and I figured it was his girlfriend. When I asked him about it he quickly said “NO but thanks for thinking that I could be dating Kate from Lost!” We have been good friends ever since (and I really think Brady could be dating her if he wanted to).

My first year at Briercrest was an amazing time! I came in ready to learn and God filled my cup! The professors not only were brilliant but had a heart for their students making it easy to be in dialogue with them both in and out of class. The knowledge I took from that year about God drew me very close to Him and I started to become a stronger believer because of it. I started to learn what it actually meant to follow God! What a blessing that was!

The year was filled with growing closer to God,  meeting new friends, making lasting memories, going on slushy runs, and watching the Vancouver Canucks with a great group of guys! It was hands down one of the best years of my life!

That’s the thing about life, sometimes we really don’t understand how amazing it is until it has passed us by and we can only reflect. I say lets enjoy each and everyday and the things we get to be apart of now as we continue to learn and reflect on the times before! I will never get to go back to 2007 in Lewis Apartments and participate in dorm races and meet new people again. But I sure enjoyed it while I was there and I can confidently say that I lived everyday at Briercrest to it’s fullest, which makes looking back so much fun. Learn to enjoy everyday now, no matter where God has you! You don’t get to do it again! Don’t waste your days dreaming of something better or complaining about how much it sucks! Make it better! Enjoy every moment. God has you there for a reason so why waste it?

-benjamin jepsen

Matt Kearney-Hey Mama

Oh oh, Ee Ee!

-benjamin jepsen

Fund-raising part two

So if you didn’t know the GC Youth are working to raise money for new flooring and paint for the youth room! We will be doing various fund raising projects throughout the next few months (or however long it takes to raise $2,000) and WE NEED YOUR HELP! Currently we are collecting pop cans and loose change! If you have pop cans or the money from taking pop cans in then please get a hold of me at the Gospel Chapel! We also take donations! Thank you so much for your help! 🙂

Now a fun video with pop!


Current Amount-$98.75. 4.93% of total amount needed!

-benjamin jepsen

Coldplay-Paradise-Dave Wallace Edition

I lived in dorms with this guy back in my first year at Briercrest! I love his Postal service version! You should check it out!

-benjamin jepsen

I wish this was true!


-benjamin jepsen