Life was good, life is good

Over the past couple weeks I have realized how many great memories I have with friends in Grand Forks. I had some friends come to Grand Forks for thanksgiving and I was reminded of how much fun we had in the past and how much fun we still have now. On top of that I got to play worship with my good friend Cam Tyssen on Sunday which i haven’t gotten to do in over four years and it was a blast!

Growing up in Grand Forks was such a blessing and now I’m back and it’s such a blessing to be here. This time around I have Shayna my fiance with me and life has never been better! I get to see my parents and sister, spend time with Shayna, see close friends, and work at a job I love! I am getting married in June and I get to enjoy every day here! God is very good, and I am a very blessed man.

Thank you LORD for all you do for me. I challenge you to take every day for all it is no matter where you are! Even if you are not enjoying life right now take time to remember where you’ve been and where you are now. Be thankful it helps your heart to be glad. Do something you love today. Enjoy life!

-benjamin jepsen


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