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Life was good, life is good

Over the past couple weeks I have realized how many great memories I have with friends in Grand Forks. I had some friends come to Grand Forks for thanksgiving and I was reminded of how much fun we had in the past and how much fun we still have now. On top of that I got to play worship with my good friend Cam Tyssen on Sunday which i haven’t gotten to do in over four years and it was a blast!

Growing up in Grand Forks was such a blessing and now I’m back and it’s such a blessing to be here. This time around I have Shayna my fiance with me and life has never been better! I get to see my parents and sister, spend time with Shayna, see close friends, and work at a job I love! I am getting married in June and I get to enjoy every day here! God is very good, and I am a very blessed man.

Thank you LORD for all you do for me. I challenge you to take every day for all it is no matter where you are! Even if you are not enjoying life right now take time to remember where you’ve been and where you are now. Be thankful it helps your heart to be glad. Do something you love today. Enjoy life!

-benjamin jepsen


How to read your Bible part 2 (A starters guide to following Christ)

So now that we know where wisdom can be gained and that in the end the Bible is NOT about us but about God the next step is to understand how to actually read the Bible. There can be a lot said about this subject concerning hermeneutics and such but I would like to start on a very practical level! So here is a great place to start for all of us in terms of what you will need!

1. A consistent time and place-Much like any discipline you will need a consistent time and place where you will meet with God and study His word! Find the time of day where you are at your best and where there will be the least amount of distractions so you can allow time for actual study.

2. A Bible-This obviously goes without saying. You need to find a Bible that you can read, there are so many different versions of God’s word all saying the same thing but saying it in different ways. Some have a more literal translation then others but if it says Holy Bible on the front then you should be doing just fine. (I would suggest NIV or ESV for starting out). Make that Bible yours, personalize it, know it well!

3. Pen and highlighter-Along with personalizing your Bible is highlighting things and making notes! Don’t worry you wont be wrecking God’s word if you are making notes on things that jump out at you! If you read a chapter and a verse is sticking out at you, almost jumping out of the page at you, that is likely the Holy Spirit at work, God is trying to tell you something!

4. Reading plan-Make a plan for yourself. This will improve the chances of consistency and success! Start small perhaps a few verses a day and grow! It takes time for any discipline so give yourself time to grow in this practice! Shooting to read the Bible in a year is great, if your actually reading your Bible. Don’t read just to say you did it, read to gain understanding of God and what He has for your life!

5. A journal-This can be a great tool in taking notes and jotting down what you are learning! Write down your thoughts and what God is saying to you! This also allows for reflection over time as you can look back at where you came from and what you are learning!

Once you have these 5 things then start TODAY! Don’t push it till tomorrow! GET GOING! Start your reading with prayer, slow down your thoughts and relax, be silent in a world full of noise, and take some time to read and be with God. You WILL be blessed!

-benjamin jepsen

How to read your Bible part 1 (A starters guide to following Christ)

Becoming a Christian and choosing to follow Jesus Christ can be a tough experience. You have heard the good news, you have met some Christians, and now your wondering whats next!? Well I thought it would be cool to do a few articles for those of you who have just accepted Christ or for those who finally want to start taking their faith more seriously. So lets get started!

The best place to start is the Bible. This is where truth can be found and where we gain understanding for how to follow Jesus. Without this book we would be completely lost. This book is God’s word to us yesterday, today, and tomorrow. To know hot to properly use this book we need to start with where we find wisdom.

Wisdom can be gained through one of three ways:

1. Personal Experience-I can learn from my experiences. For example I learned that if I kicked a hornets nest it resulted in pain…a lot of pain. Therefore I gained wisdom never to do that again!

2. Other people’s experience-I don’t have to try everything to know if it can hurt or help me, I can learn from seeing others make the mistakes before I do! Wisdom therefore can be gained by me observing other people’s experiences!

3. From God-God is represented in the Holy Bible. This is the ONLY wisdom that is ultimate. This is where I can gain knowledge of God and learn more about Him since the Bible is NOT about me it’s all about God! The Bible also provides wisdom in how to live on a very practical level as well (read Proverbs).

Knowing that The Bible is where wisdom of God can be found helps us all to know how to follow Jesus.This is where we have to start and where we need to stay until God calls us home. No one is exempt from studying God’s word since it should continually draw us to God.

-benjamin jepsen

Blogging is fun!

Well it’s been a very long time since I was last on! But I want to try and get back at er! Life has been absolutely amazing! I spent the last four months at a camp called Imadene! I worked alongside my good friends Mel, Jon, Kevin, and my girlfriend Shayna! I worked maintenance for two months and with Mel and Jon at their Wild Side camp, canoeing, hiking, and other such events!


ALSO I am now engaged to Shayna! Ha so that’s pretty awesome! She is coolest girl I have ever met! And now I am back in Grand Forks working as an associate youth pastor at the Gospel Chapel! I live in a house that I rent from some people in the church and Shayna lives at my parents place! Basically God has blessed me richly and I couldn’t be happier or more filled with joy! I hope to continue to write and use this venue as a place to practice and share! Looking forward to talking more about life and how to live it to the full!

-benjamin jepsen