I’m getting married

This is the first blog post I have written with my phone! It’s also the first post I have written in a very long time! My blogging tends to shut down once summer hits, mainly because of all the nice weather and how little I actually spend on a computer! I wanted to give a very brief message that this summer has been amazing! I’ll write about my experience at this camp later in the fall but I wanted to mention that this summer has been a blast AND I am now engaged to the coolest girl ever, Shayna Martin! So that’s super exciting! It looks like we will be together in the fall in Grand Forks where I’ll be starting my new job as the youth pastor at the Gospel Chapel! I’m really looking forward to what God has in store for me this year! If you tend to keep up on this blog start checking back more regularly in the fall where I will be posting far more often!

-ben jepsen


One thought on “I’m getting married

  1. Sam says:

    Whoooooo Hoooooooooo!!!!!

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