30 days later

So I have had a month break from my blog, not on purpose however, things have just been super crazy and I haven’t felt the need to blog in awhile! A quick update is in order!

I have now graduated from Briercrest with a BA in Youth Ministry and a minor in Psychology. I have started full time at Camp Imadene as one of the maintenance men and it has been a blast! I have been joined with my good friends Mel and Jon Lampard, Kevin Macalary, and my lovely girl friend Shayna Martin! It has been a lot of fun and the camp is absolutely beautiful! The Canucks are going to the stanley cup finals which hasnt happened since I was 6! It’s been awhile! I now have a twitter account @benljepsen check it out! I got myself an iphone which is actually pretty cool and makes life a little easier in terms of keeping up with people and what not! Finally I have been in prayer as I prepare for my full time position as the youth pastor at Gospel Chapel which I am VERY excited for! đŸ™‚ Hope you are all doing well. Expect blog posts to be few and far between as I don’t go online very often!

-ben j


2 thoughts on “30 days later

  1. ryleyhep says:

    Miss you!

  2. Sam says:

    Hey Ben Heres my link to my new blog for you to add to the side. http://letmeputmythoughtsinyourbrain.wordpress.com/

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