Books Part 4

The best reading is the reading that is not required of me. Here is the list of books I am currently reading and will carry on into the summer months!

1.This Momentary Marriage-John Piper

Now before you get any ideas, I started reading this last summer! It’s taken me awhile but is totally changing the way I look at marriage.

2. Desiring God-John Piper

One of Piper’s greatest books! I’m loving this read and hope to finish it this summer!

3.The War of Art-Steven Pressfield

This book is great if you have ever tried to do anything with your life, like lose weight or write a book. It kicks you in the butt and tells you why you haven’t done those things yet and how you can! I love it! It’s by the guy who wrote the legend of beggar vance.

4. Traveling Mercies-Anne Lamott

This book is a brutally honest look into Anne Lamott’s life. It has a Don Miller style which I really enjoy and talks on faith through a narrative style!

5. On Writing: A memoir of the Craft-Stephen King

I don’t like any of Stephen Kings books except Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile however when you sell over 350 million copies then you must be doing something right. The book is a bit over the top but very interesting!

6. Bonhoeffer-Eric Mertaxas

Ryley Heppner suggested this book to me and I got it with points at the book store here at school. I have only just started reading it but I am really enjoying it.

-bent 😉


One thought on “Books Part 4

  1. Hey, Ben. I like the Art of War, too. Its a great for helping you get over the creative blocks that keep you from writing, or painting or doing anything creative. Losing weight? Well I’m not sure that is a block…My BIL was reading Bonhoeffer and recommended it, too. Blessings, Chris

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