Books Part 2

To continue my list of books I have read this year I give you part 2!

6. Prayer-Richard Foster

This was a great introduction book into different forms of prayer! Foster gives wisdom and experience to create a great book on the subject! This was one of three books I read for my 400 level class on prayer!

7. A Testament of Devotion-Thomas R. kelly

An honest look at life and prayer from a great man. I would read this again for sure. Book two of three for my prayer class

8. Prayer-Hans Urs Von Balthasar

the hardest book I have ever read on the subject of prayer. Luckily I was guided by the wisdom of Cal MacFarlane on the subject! Book three of three for my prayer class!

9. Development in Adulthood-Barbara Lemme

I took a class on adult development with 11 other students! It was a very enjoyable class and though I didn’t read the whole text book it was informative!

10. Family Stress Management-Pauline Boss

A book on family stress for my “Families in Crisis” class. the class has been great and now I know how my family works a bit better, we are all crazy!

-bent 😉


One thought on “Books Part 2

  1. Katie says:

    Speak for yourself!!

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