Books Part 1

I love books, I love reading, I love getting caught up in a story, and I love learning about new ideas and thoughts. This school year is coming to a close and I wanted to see just how much I had to read in my final year of Briercrest College. Here is part one of that list.

1. A Survey of the Old Testament-Andrew E. Hill & John H. Walton

I Didn’t read this whole text book but a good chunk of it. It was helpful if you like the Old Testament.

2. Changing the World through Effective Youth Ministry-Ken Moser

This was one of three books I had to read for my “Jr. High Youth Ministry” class. Still not sure what i think of the prof assigning his own books, on the other hand no one else is saying what Moser is so I can see his point.

3. Creative Christian Ideas For Youth Groups-Ken Moser

See above comments.

4. Youth Evangelism-Ken Moser

See above and above.

5. Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life

This was a book I had to read for my class “Advance Studies in Christian World Views.” This was quite possibly the greatest and hardest class i had to take of my 4 years and 41 classes. I enjoyed this book and will likely re read it one day!

-bent 😉


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