A General Note to the Public

Well if you have just been dying to know what Ben Jepsen has been up to these last few months then your in luck! I will give you a quick update.

Basically my life has been consumed with finishing school work. This has consisted of me working away on families in crisis, church and its mission, theology of worship, history of christianity two, and issues in ministry leadership. I have more or less completed 3 of those courses now and am working away at the other two which are DL’s!

From March 2-22 I have been able to be with Shayna in Ontario house sitting for her friends which is great cause they have given me their home to stay in and even their car to use! They are pretty awesome! I have been loving Tillsonburg its a pretty great town and there is this really cool girl here too! šŸ˜‰ Outside of just hanging out and chillin’ we will be going to see Civil Twilight with A Silent Film. Both are worth checking out! I can’t wait!

Outside of those two things I will be graduating on April 20 from Briercrest College with a BA in youth ministry and a minor in psychology. This is super exciting and it will be cool to see family and friends at this time too!

Now the big question is what I will be doing after grad, well things are falling into place! It looks like I will be living on the island for 4 months working at Camp Imadene with my good friends Melissa and Jon Lampard and Shayna Martin! I am very excited for this opportunity to try out a new camp and live somewhere outside of Grand Forks for a summer!

After camp I will be starting full time at Gospel Chapel as the youth pastor. This excites me to no end, it is my dream job and I have been praying that God can use me in big ways at the church this coming fall and on!

So there ya have it! My life in a nutshell. Basically I have been loving it and am very excited to see what God has for me in each and every day!

-bent šŸ˜‰


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