We are crazy…just like everyone else

1 hour delay on my flight, time to blog.

So I was thinking the other day how everyone I am close to has a certain level of craziness in them. For example, it wouldn’t be a surprise for me to come home to my mother dressed as a pirate or spongebob or something, she runs a daycare but still its pretty crazy! My sister says the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. My brother is obsessed with rap music and my father is loud and funny. I love them all to death and would never want them to change but they are all crazy!

This is also true when I look at my friends and how they all have certain levels of crazy in them. Its great. However there is a certain level of crazy that gets dangerous.

I think we all know what I am talking about. The crazy in people that is just so weird, annoying, and even disrespectful that we do not want to be in their presence. These are the people that you may avoid or even run from. They are actually crazy.

So how do you know if you are the appropriate level of crazy? (Everyone has a level of crazy in them) I think you need to start by asking yourself if you are generally a person who draws people in or push them away. Do you love certain things more than people? That may be a bit too crazy. For example if you can never commit to a serious relationship because you put a sports team before people then your too crazy. Or if you enjoy your comic book collection more than others and your time is consumed by that than you my friend are too crazy!

None of these previous things are wrong or bad in fact in some ways for people they can be endearing however when your consumed by them and all people hear about are those things when they are with you then its too far.

The other kind of crazy that is too much for people is the crazy annoying. I think we all have the capacity to annoy one another to a certain level and we need to learn how to deal with that however when it comes to the point that you are almost hoping to annoy others and people are constantly pushed away from you because of this, then you may be a bit crazy!

Anyway I hope you understand what I’m getting across here and find the humor in it! Enjoy your week, I’m off to Ontario for awhile to spend some time with a good friend of mine 😉 Catch ya on the flip!

-bent 😉


One thought on “We are crazy…just like everyone else

  1. Katie says:

    The costume that I regret wearing to this day is “Captain Underpants” I had dads underwear over my pants and a cape on. The weird thing was that no one knew who I supposed to be and just looked at me like I had gone off the deep end. It just so happened that day at daycare all the dads dropped their kids off and they all just looked at me weird. I was embarrassed. Oh well – gives them a story to tell when they get to their boring jobs!! teehee

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