An Update

Well life is back in full force out here at school. I am currently sitting at 8AM waiting to hand in my grad portfolio and sign up for a exit interview. Now let me explain to you what has been consuming my time these last 2 weeks. The grad portfolio is something every Briercrest grad must put together before they leave. It is basically a binder full of stuff that proves you are not a heretic and that you should actually get a degree from the school. It includes reference letters, a 10 page essay, and a doctrinal statement just to name a few. This has ate up all of my time and i cant wait to actually hand it in!

Once you hand it in you have to sign up to have two professors who will interview you at a later day. This interview goes for an hour as the professors go through your entire portfolio and talk through each section that you wrote. The professors will then give you either a pass, conditional pass, or a fail. Apparently only one student in 16 years has failed so its not that stressful however to sit with two profs for an hour to talk theology and what not is a little intimidating!

Either way i am glad that this process is coming to a close! This semester should get a bit more slow after this is over and I am looking forward to finish out the year! Well time to go sign up, have a good one!

-bent 😉


One thought on “An Update

  1. Katie says:

    I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you!!!

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