What is enough is defined by our relationship to our neighbor-if our neighbor has four cars, then we think we are living simply if we have two cars. If our neighbor doesn’t have water, then two cars is probably too many. We have this command to love our neighbor as ourselves, but i think the great tragedy of our culture is that we are pushed away from suffering, away from poverty to the point that its enough if we give a tax exempt donation or volunteer for a week out of the year. And yet if we are really in a relationship with people who are suffering that messes with us. It keeps us up at night when we are faced with the reality that we have people in our neighborhood living in a cardboard box in the winter, and we have shelter. I think the most important question is not what i should give away because the scriptures say you can sell everything you have and give it to the poor, but if you dont have love its nothing. So the deepest question around simplicity is about love, and redistribution of resources is only meaningful insomuch as its rooted in love. when we really figure out how to live in the personalism and love of Christ with our neighbor, then that defines whats enough so that we are not just driven by an ideology, but by a love relationship to our neighbor.

-Shane Claiborne


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