Vintage Post-Back Packs

The other day i was thinking about all the stuff we carry with us! the stuff we store into our backpacks emotional baggage, thinking we need stuff we really dont need you know. It’s funny God really didnt want us to be down on life or to carry extra stuff we dont need God really just wants us to enjoy life and of course worship and praise Him for every day that we live. Be kind and don’t hate we all make mistakes. Let go of the idea that we need more stuff to be happy and approval from others to be truly happy! God doesnt care how much stuff we have or how cool we are. so why does it matter to us? why must we insist on carrying more weight then we really need to??? Anyway i think you guys are all great and i hope you have an awesome day whenever you read this!

A poorly written post, however I still think a valid point? Ha enjoy the walk down memory lane! Hope your praising God for the days he has blessed you with and are thankful for this time of year! Work hard and finish well! And if your in Grand Forks from the 19-Jan 3 I’ll see you there! 😉

-bent 😉


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